So, you’ve got your brand photos back. Now what?! Here are five ways to use your brand photos to elevate all aspects of your business! You have taken the time to invest in yourself, now it’s time to show them off, and create the brand of your dreams!

Before you do anything else, you’ll want to organize your photos. I like to store mine in an iCloud folder, so I can access them easily from my phone and computer. I also keep a dedicated folder in my phone’s photo section for quick access. Trust me, this little bit of organization will save you loads of time. 

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Five Ways To Use Your Brand Photos

Update Your Profile Photos

Before diving into a full website overhaul (which can feel overwhelming, right?!), start by updating your profile photos. Head to Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and even your email profile, and swap out those old pics for your fresh new headshots or brand photos. It’s a simple task that gives your online presence a quick facelift. For a cohesive look, you can use the same photo across all platforms, but absolutely not necessary! Don’t get stuck on perfectionism, just use your photos!

Add a Personal Touch to Newsletters

People love to see who is behind the scenes of the brand! They love that personal touch that a brand photo or a face brings to the table. So, don’t be afraid to add your new brand photos to your newsletters! Mix it up and use different photos for each newsletter to keep things fun, fresh, and engaging for your audience. This is such a great, and easy, way to create that personal and relatable brand we all know and love! 

Marketing Materials

One of the best uses of brand photos is creating visually stunning marketing material! Your brand photos are perfect for things like brochures, client guides, and more. It helps people know who they are talking to and really offers that personal touch. Connect with your audience and showcase your brand!

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Social Media 

Ahhh, social media! We love it or hate it, right?! If social media feels a bit overwhelming, trust me, you are not alone! Brand photos are a GREAT way to introduce yourself to your audience and show off your new cohesive look. You can use your brand images to regularly connect with your audience in static posts, story posts, or even as reel covers! This will help keep your content fresh, engaging, and fun to look at! 

Refresh Your Website

Finally, you can give your website a little update or a fresh start. Whether you’re adding new photos to your existing site or planning a complete overhaul, these brand photos will make everything look new and cohesive. Your brand photos will breathe life into your website, business, and even you! 

The best part is that once you start using your photos you will see how much easier it is to pull photos and the next time someone asks for a photo of you because they want to promote you, or maybe you have a speaking engagement you’ll have your photos ready to go!

Are You Ready To Use Your Brand Photos?!

Once you start using your brand photos, you’ll find it easier to pull them for anything you need. And, the next time someone asks for a photo for promotion material or a speaking engagement you’ll be well-prepared! As a San Francisco brand photographer, I love scrolling through all the various social media apps or websites and seeing those fresh and fun brand photos filling my feed!

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