As a San Francisco brand photographer, working with healers is so refreshing! There is nothing like frolicking in the golden hour light, calling in all the possibilities, and connecting with nature. Your healer brand photoshoot should show that you are confident, open, caring, intuitive, and magical!

Women sit and stand with nature during their Brand Photoshoot Woman holds her hands over her heart during her Healer Brand Photoshoot Woman stands in front of the ocean during her Healer Brand Photoshoot Person walks on the ocean during her Healer Brand Photoshoot Woman walks in the road during her Healer Brand Photoshoot A person walks through the forest during her Healer Brand Photoshoot

Locations make all the difference in the world! You’ll want a location with light that has plenty of open space to show movement. Don’t be afraid to show who you are! I understand that being in front of the camera can be intimidating, but being outdoors for your brand photoshoot with a photographer who is compassionate and won’t judge you is the key to a successful day! It is important to feel completely at ease with your photographer so that you can bring out your true self. Whether you’re a tarot card reader, a sound healer, a psychic, an energy healer, or all of the above, the outdoors is a perfect location. I love using an open space such as one of the many ones in Marin.

I tend to start by telling my clients that we are there to have fun, and they won’t do anything wrong during the photo shoot; we are there working together, and feeling the energy between each other creates beautiful photos where you are relaxed.

If you are planning your healer brand photoshoot in the Redwoods, keep in mind that it will have a much darker and moodier look with a slight cast of reddish brown due to the casting of the Redwoods. Redwoods can be great to be paired with a location nearby that has hills and the sunset.

I’ve been lucky enough to work with Rachel, a tarot reader, psychic, and energy healer. We did some brand photos inside, but then headed outside for the 2nd half of the shoot. It was so refreshing and incredibly beautiful! Elizabeth is an energy and sound healer, and breath worker. We started inside and then ended in a beautiful open space nearby. 

Woman sits in a chair for San Francisco Brand Photographer Female walks through field for San Francisco Brand Photographer Person waves her hands in the air for San Francisco Brand Photographer Adult sits on the chair for San Francisco Brand Photographer Woman walks in the street for San Francisco Brand Photographer Woman stands in a field for San Francisco Brand Photographer

The key to a successful brand photoshoot is finding the perfect location, and timing it all just right! With plenty of planning, we will make sure to plan every detail to account for the light. The light and weather are perfect during the springtime and summer. I love that golden light in the winter, but scheduling around the rain can be a little unpredictable. But the light in the winter is gorgeous!

For outfits, wearing a dress that flows can be magical to show movement, carefree, and magical vibes. Bringing two outfits is a great idea! Something easy as much of the time you’ll have to change on the go.

Don’t forget to bring your props! Anything you use in your daily practice will make a great addition to your healer brand photoshoot! 

Last but not least, don’t forget to look at the camera to connect with the viewers. Yes, you’ll want to show movement, energy, and openness, but don’t forget to make that connection. Your audience wants to see your eyes and how you connect! 

Woman holds her dress by the ocean for a Brand Photographer Woman sits in a field for a Brand photographer Female sits down with props for a Brand photographer Adult sits down in an open field for a Brand photographer Person sits down in a field for a Brand photographer Adult stands by an ocean for Brand photographer

Are You Ready For Your Healers Brand Photoshoot?

Hopefully, you feel a little more prepared as you eagerly anticipate your brand photoshoot! Enjoy this exciting moment and have some fun with it all!


Amy Thompson