I share the excitement for all the passion you put into the work you do! 

I am a personal branding photographer, through my Storytelling Sessions, I capture the beautiful and inspiring moments of your passion as they unfold. Working in a photojournalistic style enables me to help you create deep connections with your clients and community through an authentic and behind the scenes look at your brand and business. I am truly honored to capture these moments and always feel a creative kinship with clients who follow their passion. 

I began my love of photography while in school at CCA (California College of the Arts). Spending time among artists of various disciplines instilled in me a love and curiosity of process. Whether it is documenting the creation of a restaurant menu dish, a brand-new brick and mortar store, or your one on one work with clients,

Based in Marin County, California, when I am not creating compelling stories with clients, I can be found poolside, listening to records, or chasing my 5 and 8-year-old kids around. 

I work with clients in the greater Bay Area and also, available for travel per request. 

Hi, I'm Amy!

I am a 4th generation California Bay Area Native and was born and raised right here in the Bay Area.


 I have zero digital music and listen to a collection of 1,000 plus records ranging from country to punk! 


 I am an enthusiastic PTA parent and volunteer by taking the monthly student birthday photos along with portraits for the school yearbook.


 I play the upright bass and played a lot before having kids. Now it looks great as a decorative piece in the living room.  


My partner Is a tattoo artist, but I only have one tiny tattoo on my finger.


 Our son named our daughter a week after she was born because we couldn’t decide on a name. 


fun facts