You probably intuitively know that great photos will make your business more attractive. But how do you get the most out of your branding shoot? And how can you then build trust with brand photography?

Faces Get Likes

First, let’s start with the numbers. People are more likely to engage with a photo of a face than a logo or product. According to a study by the Georgia Institute of Technology, people on Instagram are 38% more likely to like photos with faces in them than photos without faces.

So any branding shoot should include photos of the people who represent your brand. That means you of course, but can also include employees (if you have them) and even customers.

You Are Your Brand

As a business owner, especially a solopreneur, branding your business means branding yourself. So make sure any images of you reflect the attitude and demeanor you want to show to customers. Are you going for upbeat and welcoming? Want to come across serious and knowledgeable? Build trust with brand photography that gives people a feel for the person behind the business.

An added bonus of associating your face with your work is that it works both ways! Not only will people who come across your business online feel like they know you, but people you meet in the world will automatically feel more trusting of your business. 

Build Trust with Brand Photography that Tells Your Story

Brand photography isn’t just about faces. The images you share with potential customers should tell a story. They should give insight into the inner workings of the business.

This means capturing photos that show exactly what you do without words. The more context you can give in an image, the better. If you sell goods, consider showcasing how they’re made. If you work remotely, snap a picture of you and your laptop at your home desk. I always like to showcase the “tools of your trade.”

The best way to build trust with brand photography is to tell the complete story of the work you do. This shows an openness and transparency that tells customers you’re putting it all on the table, no surprises. You want people to feel like they’ve met you and interacted with your business before you’ve ever been in the same room.

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Match Your Words to Your Images

Last, the words you pair with your photos can make them even more powerful. Especially when using your images on social media, try to use captions that dive deeper into the story. Say more about the process being shown, tell the story behind the photo, talk about how you discovered the product you’re showcasing. The more open and vulnerable you can be with your customers, the more of a trusting connection you’ll be able to build.

Branding Shoot: Mary Pendleton, Instagram Wizard

Featured here are images from a recent solopreneur branding shoot I did with Mary Pendleton, a total Instagram genius. She wanted fresh photos for her social media management business to use in email marketing, on her website, and on her business Instagram. Her plan is to use the images to build brand awareness, showcase her products and services, grow her online community, convert visitors into customers, and inspire others.

Challenge accepted! We shot at the Conservatory of Flowers in San Francisco and a co-working space called SF Collab. She asked for her photos to capture what she calls her “bubbly zen” brand personality: casual, playful, professional. I think we nailed it!

See if you can spot the ways we incorporated trust-building elements into the shoot by showcasing her face, personality, and tools of the trade.

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Amy Thompson