What do I wear for my brand photoshoot? This is one of the first things I hear from clients when planning their brand photography photoshoot.

I know it can be overwhelming when planning your brand photoshoot, especially regarding your wardrobe.  I get it, You want to look and feel your best and don’t know what to wear so it looks good on camera, here are 10 tips when choosing what to wear for your brand shoot so that your shoot is successful.

Here are 10 tips when choosing what to wear for your brand shoot.

  1. Avoid bold prints or patterns. They can be distracting. You want the first thing that people see when looking at your photos is you, not the overly distracting print.  Remember that small fine print can sometimes create a moire effect in the camera.

  2. Neutral colors are always an excellent, safe choice.  The photos look more polished and will be more versatile. Once again, you want to avoid the first thing viewers see when they look at the picture is: your bright pink top.                                                                                                                                                                                                            All black can be tricky as it can sometimes add bulk, or it can be hard to see the definition between the top and bottom. Sometimes it works great, and sometimes it doesn’t. If you want to wear all black, try an all-black dress or a black blouse with extra details to break up the top and bottom.

  3. Choose more fitted tops. Much of the brand photos will be taken cropped in or while you’re sitting down.   If you have a top with puffy sleeves and the photo is taken while sitting down or cropped in, it’s hard to see where you start and the top begins.  That super cute top with puffy sleeves will be great at full length, so bring it, but use it outside for those walking lifestyle shots.

  4. Blazers can be bulky. If you wear one, make sure it’s fitted with no shoulder pads.  Jackets are great if they don’t have shoulder pads and are more fitted.
  5. Make sure your clothes are wrinkle-free; nothing can be more distracting than a wrinkled shirt.  You can ensure that everything is ironed or wrinkle-free the night before and then put in a garment bag to avoid any wrinkles when transporting.

  6. Layers are a great way to switch up your look during your session

  7. Bring more tops than bottoms for your shoot. Most of the photos from your session will be a partial length. Also, people don’t notice you wearing the same pants in multiple scenes as long as you switch up the top.

  8. Bring at least one flowy dress for outdoor golden hour nature shots if you want to play in the light.

  9. Remember that your nails will be part of the shoot and will show, so plan accordingly.

  10. Try on all your clothes in a full-length mirror and ensure you’re comfortable and feel great.

Last minute thoughts –

Much of the photos from your brand photography shoot will not be full-length,  keep that in mind when choosing what to wear for your brand photoshoot.

Statement Pieces

You will likely have the option for multiple outfits with your brand package, so if you have one or two statement pieces that break the rules above and you would like to be photographed, let your photographer know so they can plan accordingly.

Want to wear a bold color?

If you want to wear a bold color, that’s a great idea for 1 or 2 photos, but to create variety, try to stick with neutrals.  The caveat for this rule is if your brand is all about bright, bold colors and patterns, go ahead and go for it, but make sure to switch up the look frequently during the shoot.

Amy Thompson