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If you’re not exactly sure where to even begin when searching for your indoor photoshoot ideas, I’ve got you! As a San Francisco Brand Photographer, I help guide you in the right direction based on the vision you have for your branding session. I want to share with you 5 different ideas for an brand photoshoot.


This is one of my top choices! I love using Peer-Space; you don’t have to worry about tidying and cleaning your entire house before the shoot. These spaces are clutter-free! They have a lot of variety in their spaces. This helps you navigate the perfect one that best fits your vibe and the representation of your business. The natural light is usually beautiful in these spaces, as they are created with the intention of providing the best ideal lighting for photoshoots.

Honestly, peer space is such a great option for branding sessions. There are other rented housing options for photoshoots, like Studio List, but Peer Space is the one that my clients and I use most. You can never go wrong in choosing a space on Peer-Space.

Con: You have to bring all your stuff with you! If you want the hair and makeup person to meet you there for the hair and makeup application, you’ll have to pay for that rented time as well, when we’re not shooting yet. I helped my client Alyssa Matesic  find the perfect place on Peer space that fit her brand.

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Another idea could also be your home. There are a few pros and cons to weigh out with this option. This all varies depending on your space and what you have envisioned for your branding session. A few Pros are: All your stuff is there; there is no loading in or out, especially if you have a lot of props for your business. You’re also not spending extra time driving to your location. One of the best pro’s is the fact that it’s FREE! You don’t have to spend extra money. You can also have your hair and makeup team meet you at your house and not feel rushed on time. With the rented locations, if you want your hair and makeup to be applied right before we start your session, that would be extra time that you’ll have to pay to rent more time.

With pro’s also comes cons. A few cons choosing your home for your indoor photoshoot would be; You have to clean your house and move the clutter into an area we won’t be shooting. Does your house match your brand’s vibe or vision? I know mine doesn’t have all the elements I wish it did, so I will not be shooting at my house anytime soon!

Tip: Just because your home office is where you work does not mean you have to have photos of you working in that exact office; shhh, nobody knows or even cares. My client, Lauren Tucker of An Organized Life, uses her home for her brand photo shoots. Her home works perfectly for her since her brand is about organizing, and her home is suited well for her brand with its natural light and minimalism.

women drinking coffee while sitting on couch captured by a San Francisco Brand Photographer women in kitchen during her indoor photo shoot women decorating a cake with icing photos by Amy Thompson Photography


There are two different types of studios you can choose from. Some are blank spaces with nothing in them except the classic studio stuff like plain walls or paper rolls. The other studio style has a bit more decor, including furniture, stools, and plants, which helps give a bit of a lifestyle feel. This studio style can be very similar to a few on peer-space.

This studio is Creative Spaces Studios. This worked perfectly for my client, Regina Louise, to showcase her vibrant and fun personality.

women sitting on couch with foot on box during her indoor photo shoot women posing with scarf captured by a San Francisco Brand Photographer women throwing up peace signs to Amy Thompson Photography


I decorated with a few plants to bring life to the space, as well as light furniture that gives us a neutral base. The only downside of my space is that there isn’t a kitchen or bedroom. So we wouldn’t be able to replicate any ideas that include those two spaces. The space is not the biggest, but we do wonders with the space! Check out my studio here!  Choosing this option is great because you have everything you would need here. Plus, the studio is included in the price for all of my branding clients. You would have to bring plenty of props to make sure the details reflect you and your brand.


women sitting on floor writing in journal for her indoor photo shoot women sitting at desk working during her photoshoot with San Francisco Brand Photographer


If you just love your friend’s place, and they are all about the Marie Kondo way, then this might be a great option! This is a great indoor photoshoot idea if your friend is an interior designer or a professional organizer. A few cons would be that you will have to load in and out all your stuff. You might also have to shift some of the personal items, such as family photos, artwork and personal items, to the side. The furniture might not have the best setting for the absolute best lighting, so getting there early to make all these changes would be key.

women organizing book shelf for her indoor photo shoot

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women sitting at desk during her indoor photo shoot


If you mostly use photos of your workplace, such as an esthetician’s office, hair salon, or storefront, choosing this option would be great for you. This is an excellent option because all the props and materials are readily available in your workspace. If your studio or storefront is located in an area with attractive surroundings, you can step outside for a few lifestyle brand photos, which is even better for variety! This is a great option for an esthetician office, medical office, storefront, or hair stylist. However, keep in mind that you will have to find a time when your business is closed for the shoot. It may take place early in the morning before you open, or on one of your days off.

Other indoor photoshoot ideas: co-working space, Sleek rented office space, City building, Hotel Lobby (may need permission for these).

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