Feeling like you need that extra confidence boost as you prepare for your brand photoshoot?! I’ve got you covered! As a San Francisco brand photographer, not only have I helped clients successfully prepare for their brand photoshoots, but I got in front of the camera this time and was able to see it all first-hand! So, here are a few tips for your brand photoshoot that will help you feel prepared, confident, and excited about your growing brand!

Tips For Your Brand Photoshoot

Styling Your Brand Photoshoot

Research every aspect of your wardrobe and make Pinterest your best friend! I have a Pinterest board and a photoshoot styling site that I share with my clients to help with inspo! It’s not unusual for clients to purchase something specifically for their brand photoshoot and end up loving it and using it for years after. When thinking about colors, neutral tones are always a safe choice and look great on everyone! Your brand colors can be those pops of colors that will help bring everything to life! 

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A brand photoshoot is not just an investment in your brand, but yourself, too! Don’t just use what you have! If you can’t find something you love, go source the right wardrobe for the shoot. Consignment stores can be a great place to get affordable options! For my brand photoshoot, I even had the woman at the counter get all into helping me! Bring your inspiration and color palette with you when you go shopping so you can stay on track! You’ll want to source all your clothing at least 1 week before your brand photoshoot!

When planning your brand photoshoot, your outfit can make all the difference in the world! So it’s important to find something that you are comfortable in! Be sure you try on all your clothes before the big day. You’ll want to make sure you can sit, stand, and walk comfortably in everything you decide to wear. Things might look great standing, but sitting might be a different story. Clothes bunch when we sit or gather when we walk and stand. So, just ensure everything feels and looks great for all scenarios!

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Stay Hydrated

Hydration is key, friend! Make sure you are staying properly hydrated at least a week before your brand photoshoot. Staying hydrated will emphasize that natural glow we all LOVE! Avoid alcohol for 2 weeks before your brand photoshoot to keep that glow and minimize the puffiness!

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Last Minute Tips For Your Brand Photoshoot

Don’t forget to schedule hair and makeup, nails, and any other self-care well before. Before your big day, make sure your calendar is cleared, clothes are on hangers (not folded) and you are ready for FUN! You deserve this moment to celebrate, so allow yourself to have fun, relax and get excited!

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Looking For Your San Francisco Brand Photographer?

As always, if you are looking for your brand photographer, I’d love to be considered! You deserve a branding session you are proud of, and hopefully these tips for your brand photoshoot help you have the most successful day!

Amy Thompson