Customers love seeing what goes into creating their favorite products and brands. While gorgeous product images are a must for e-commerce websites, behind-the-scenes content engages clients on another, more personal level.

When planning a recent shoot for Bestowe, a company that specializes in curated artisanal gift boxes, I made sure to schedule additional behind-the-scenes shots to capture what goes into creating these dazzling gift collections. Bestowe’s clients love knowing how products are made and seeing teams at work designing their favorite gifts.

What is Behind-The-Scenes Content?

Behind-the-scenes content focuses on the people and processes that make your company special. A photo of your friendly customer support staff provides customers with a sense of humanity that product images can’t offer. Want to instill confidence about shipping and delivery in potential clients? Try adding photos of your warehouse staff, or images showing happy people packing products.

Not Just for Your About Page

Your About page isn’t the only part of your website for behind-the-scenes content. You can use it anywhere (including social media!) to demonstrate your company is an active, thriving one.

Some types of behind-the-scenes content include:

  • Team photos – Groups of people working together to give your clients a first-rate experience.
  • Funny content – If you have a fun-loving, upbeat company, let people know it with humorous photos to capture potential customers’ hearts.
  • Personal – Show your clients that they’re not just doing business with a faceless company, but with real humans with relatable lives.
  • Progress – Images showing how your company is growing and flourishing.

Looking to add something special to your branding? Let’s talk about behind-the-scenes images for your next photo shoot. Show off what makes you and your company great!


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Amy Thompson