So you want to use brand photography to step up your online marketing but aren’t sure where to go. You’ll find plenty of headshot photographers but is this the same as brand photography? What about event photographers? Product photographers? The short answer is no. But headshots, for example, can be one part of brand photography.

A headshot is a professional portrait, and when done right, will showcase your brand and personality to potential customers.

On the other hand, branding photography is a collection of images that represent you, your product, and your brand.

Here’s everything a brand photographer can do for you that you’ll miss out on with other types of photographers:

Specializing in Branding  

Just as wedding photographers specialize in capturing once in a lifetime events and know what to expect in the schedule, common costume mistakes to watch out for, and where these photos will end up—brand photographers know all the ins and outs of a branded photo shoot.

A headshot photographer will understand how to capture you in the best light and can even help you prep a look before for the shoot. But they typically aren’t business and marketing specialists with a deep understanding of representing your brand.

Branding Photographers Understand Your Needs

A photographer delivering brand photography understands all the ways you use images online: header photos, profile pics, team photos, newsletters, blog posts, etc. Each of these require specialized images with different subject matter, file sizes, and shapes.

An excellent headshot will get you as far as your “about” page. But what about an interesting bank of photos you can use for your Instagram feed? Or a photo that can be used as the background for a Facebook Banner? Brand photography covers a broader range of needs.

A brand photography professional can also get incredibly specific with the shots they’re taking. For example, knowing where your “Call to Action” buttons are placed means being able to take photos designed for perfect button placement.

Brand Photography Means Consistency

You could get headshots for your profile pictures, a product photographer to showcase your goods, and an architectural photographer to capture your space. But if the same photographer is responsible for all these photos, you gain uniformity across all your platforms. Don’t forget behind the scenes photos, too!

A brand photography professional can even audit your existing brand assets to match your new photography to your brand’s colors, style, and even images from past shoots.

Up to Date on Trends

Best practices for visual marketing can change fast. It’s a brand photographer’s job to stay up to date on trends. So they’ll know what industry standards are right now.

Thinking About Your Audience

Branding photographers will ask who your target audience is and use this to tell the most effective story possible with their photos. And while a headshot photographer might talk to you about this as well, they’re unlikely to take drastically different shots based on your answer.

Brand Photography Lasts

A brand photographer knows you’ll be using these images over the course of many months or even a couple of years. Audiences will notice immediately if every photo looks like it’s been taken in the same location or outfit.

Brand photography usually switches things up. At a branding shoot, you’ll be leaving the studio to shoot on multiple locations and in multiple outfits. This keeps content feeling interesting and fresh, even if you’re pulling from the same set of photos week after week.

To wrap things up…

Headshots are important but they’re just one aspect of an entire world of possibilities.

Shooting with a brand photography specialist is a more complete experience. And at the end, you’ll have a versatile portfolio of images that make your business look awesome anywhere you use them!

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Amy Thompson