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Branding sessions have so many elements to them. As a seasoned San Francisco Brand Photographer, I want to share with you my Photo Shoot Checklist. This covers poses, what props to use, how to use them, and what to do to get the most out of your photo shoot.


We start with action shots to get you warmed up and get you comfortable in front of the camera. Then, we’ll head into more posed shots. Think of these as behind-the-scenes-recordings of you doing the things you candidly do within your business. A few things we recommend you do are: Typing or browsing on your computer; writing in a notebook; and showing the tools of your trade. These are the daily tasks you probably do. These are so important to capture during your shoot, as they show your audience the small things that you do day to day.

The most well-known pose that automatically comes to mind when you think “brand Photo Shoot,” most likely, is your Headshots. Now that you’re warmed up, we’ll head into your headshot, that concludes of you standing up straight, having a friendly smile, and making direct eye contact with the camera. . With headshots, we take one pose and create a sequence of different varieties. For example, Standing up, sitting in a chair, touching an object, walking, etc. All my photo shoots include some headshots!


People want to know the ins and outs of running your business. Keeping that in mind, we want to capture you in the most authentic way possible. The lifestyle portion of my photo shoot checklist includes sitting on the couch, relaxing on the floor, walking, leaning against the counter, details of you using props, etc. When explaining how you can get those true candid shots, the key is to remember that the more action and movement that you have, the more realistic your images will look.

Thinking of adding props? Try not to stress too much on props, since they can sometimes be a bit confusing and overwhelming if you showcase too many in your photo shoot. Keeping it simple is best. Unless, of course, you have a specific idea in mind where a prop is absolutely needed.



Ending it with a big celebratory photo is so much fun. It gives you the opportunity to show your audience your personality differently. A few ways to capture these are: Using confetti, a champagne pop, or simply twirling and dancing to the camera. Celebratory photos are great for posting about your brand’s birthday or a special achievement that you are wanting to announce. Remember, these should have the most movement; the more, the better!



Make sure to get a mix of photos. One of the most important things that I have learned from becoming a Brand Photographer is to get variety! You don’t need five of the same photos. Switch it up by changing up outfits, adding and removing accessories, moving around in your location and changing up your poses.


Check out Blanca’s recent Branding Shoot below, which showcases all the tips talked about in this blog! 


Women writing for her brand photo shoot checklist women smiling at camera and writing for her product with a San Francisco Branding Photographer women doing art captured by Amy Thompson Photography women painting on counter during photo session with a San Francisco Branding Photographer women smiling at camera while sitting on couch this is a part of a photo shoot checklist women twirling hair for her a photo shoot with a San Francisco Branding Photographer women smiling for her headshots captured by Amy Thompson Photography women holding book and smiling crossing off photo shoot checklist women outside holding coffee and writing notes for a San Francisco Branding Photographer women outside holding coffee captured by Amy Thompson Photography women sitting on stool and then standing by stool shows photo shoot checklist women sitting on chair having fun and smiling for a San Francisco Branding Photographer women celebrating on chair and holding champagne captured by Amy Thompson Photography women with brown hair sits on chair then dancing off for photo shoot checklist women holding champagne bottle for a San Francisco Branding Photographer women at desk writing during her photoshoot with a San Francisco Branding Photographer women writing on champagne bottle apart of a photo shoot checklist