Kyle Herman is the CEO of his organization, Be Courageous. I am so excited to be diving in on his branding shoot. First, let’s tell you about the man behind the brand. Kyle is a talented musician, and CEO. His organization’s main focus is helping leaders find their courage to make positive transformations happen.

Another reason for his branding shoot, had something to do with his musical career. Very soon, Kyle will be debuting his solo record. Which indicated for some updated photos. So we took the opportunity to capture him in his element!

He is an amazing musician who plays all the instruments and sings on his solo record!


Kyle and I worked together to capture the essence of the Be Courageous brand in a fun and friendly way. We aimed to showcase the brand’s core values. Described as Nourishing, elevating, and courageous. Our main goal was to create images that would inspire people to be bold, open-minded, and ready to create positive changes in their lives.

During the shoot, Kyle’s passion for helping others find their courage to lead, innovate, and transform was palpable. Then, I captured him in various poses and settings that showcased his personality. As well as his role as CEO, and his love for music. You can see a great example of that through the images we captured below.


After all, the photos turned out better than planned! They perfectly captured the essence of  his brand. Before taking photos, a few words that he used to describe what he wanted to represent were: positive, professional, elegant, inviting, strong, fresh, earthy, and edgy. The images convey a sense of fun, fluidity, and elevation. Which is a great reflection of Kyle’s belief that anyone can create.

Life is a gift, and it’s possible to turn lemons into lemonade.

We were also able to capture some great shots for his musical side as well. As a San Francisco Branding photographer, this is what I’m here for! Capturing not only your business, but your personality as well. We had a blast working on this project. These branding photos are going to be great for the company’s website, social media, and marketing materials for his speaking engagements.

They’ll serve as a testament to the company’s commitment to helping organizations and leaders find their courage to make transformational changes.

Check out Kyle’s Branding Photos below!

mens photoshoot with San Francisco Brand Photographer men holding sign up captured by Amy Thompson Photography CEO of Be courageous posing for picture ceo of Be courageous does photoshoot man holding guitar captured by San Francisco Brand Photographer man in a suit smiling captured by Amy Thompson Photography the owner of Be Courageous takes photos for his business sitting on chair man in a black shirt smiling at camera captured by San Francisco Brand Photographer man playing guitar during his branding shoot for Be Courageous black and white photo of a man wearing shades captured by Amy Thompson Photography

Amy Thompson