Elisa’s Salon Studio, is her new space located in Downtown San Rafael. A passionate animal advocate, environmentalist, yogi and a compassionate ally of the LGBTQ community are just a few ways to describe Elisa in a nutshell. With her new studio space, She is striving to offer a safe space for people to unwind, relax and indulge in self-care. I think she really outdid herself when decorating her salon space.


Elisa’s salon is truly unique and exudes beauty and comfort. She really put a lot of time and effort into the decor. This really helped with creating a warm and cozy salon space and allowed her to create the most welcoming atmosphere. As soon as you arrive in the Studio, it truly makes you feel right at home. With every corner thoughtfully designed and styled, it provided clients with a relaxed, comfortable experience.


On her services, she offers cuts, color and Keratin treatments. All while building connection with her clients and giving them honest feedback. You can really feel the genuine care that Elisa has for her clients lifestyle and mental health.

Elisa’s new salon is a space that stands out for its beauty, comfort, and the care that she puts into every aspect of her work. Her passion and dedication to her craft are evident in every detail of the studio, and it’s clear that she truly loves what she does.


Recently, Elisa reached out to me to do a branding session for her new space. I was so honored to work with her and create new branding images for her business.  The photos were used for her website and social media, which look so good! She wanted her branding photos to show who she is as a business owner and photos to show off her new salon!

During planning, we wanted to focus on lifestyle photos of Elisa working with her clients in the Salon Studio. So, we brought in a couple of her clients who wanted to help her with this project. We took a few photos of her cutting and styling the client’s hair. Then, we moved on to getting images of the space itself.

When we started chatting about her branding session, we wanted to focus on three core things for her photos. First, there were portraits of her in different spots inside the salon space. Second, we’re to capture lifestyle portraits outside the Studio. The last was to take photos showcasing how cozy the salon is inside. We also focused on vignettes to really show the viewer what the space feels like.

If you’re looking for a salon experience that is both relaxing and transformative, Elisa’s boutique studio salon is definitely worth a visit.

Check out her space below! 


detail photos of Elisas Salon Studio women combing hair during her brand shoot with Amy Thompson Photography in Elisas Salon women doing girls hair Captured by a San Francisco Brand Photographer women in Elisas Salon doing hair and man holding mirror brown salon chair decor in Elisas New Salon Studio women looking at camera and posing during her brand shoot with a San Francisco Brand Photographer women brushing girls hair with hands during branding shoot with Amy Thompson Photography women holding hair cutting scissors during shoot with San Francisco Brand Photographer for Elisa's Salon Studio women and dog on the side of a building posing by Elisa's Salon Studio women putting thumb in jeans posing during shoot with San Francisco Brand Photographer for Elisa's Salon Studio women in front of a white building captured by Amy Thompson Photography women holding hair out of face during her shoot outside of Elisas Salon Studio

Amy Thompson