Are you looking for men’s brand photoshoot ideas to help elevate your brand and online presence? As a San Francisco brand photographer, I have been able to help countless people capture the essence of their brand with diverse brand photos! So, if you are looking for the best men’s brand photoshoot ideas, you’re in the right place!

Men’s Brand Photoshoot Ideas

Steven: Architectural Photographer

Steven is an architectural photographer working with a team of people who photograph commercial and residential buildings. For his session, we really wanted to capture the behind-the-scenes of him working on set! 

His lifestyle images portray Steven in action, with little to no formal posing. They highlight his skills, personality, and personal brand, without being overly posed. These can be used in so many ways and are great for social media to show the real you! 

For his behind-the-scenes photos, we wanted to add an authentic touch. We showed a small glimpse into his daily workflow! We captured him talking to his team and adjusting his camera. Steven set up lighting and reviewed his work, too, to capture a good portion of the workflow. Not only do these images highlight his incredible talents, but they bring life to all that he does! 

Guy looks at his camera for Amy Thompson Photography Man smiles big for San Francisco Brand Photographer People talk together as an example of Men’s Brand Photoshoot Ideas Person looks at images on iPad for Amy Thompson Photography

Josh: CEO and Founder of Try Interact

Josh, the CEO and founder of Try Interact! I have used his software to make this quiz, and it is awesome! Josh needed versatile photos that could be used for his speaking engagements or panel discussions. He wanted brand photos that didn’t scream boring, classic business, or your standard photoshoot! To accomplish his brand photoshoot goals, we used one of Josh’s favorite places in the city. We made sure to visit at a time when the light was most ideal! Remember, lighting is key to beautiful images!

So how did we accomplish a more relaxed, versatile, full-of-life branding session?! We did a combination of lifestyle photos, and more posed “action” shots! Walking shots are perfect to break away from a traditional headshot and bring some movement into your brand. 

For the posed photos, we photographed Josh leaning against a building, leaning against a stylish building looking out into the water, and casual sitting poses. Together, the images really reflect Josh’s dynamic and engaging personality! 

Man looks out to the ocean while leaning on rail as an example of Men’s Brand Photoshoot Ideas Man stands tall and smiles big while walking as an example of Men’s Brand Photoshoot Ideas Guy sits on the edge of water feature for Amy Thompson Photography Adult leans against a wall for San Francisco Brand Photographer Person shares a soft smile as an example of Men’s Brand Photoshoot Ideas

Kyle: CEO and Musician

Kyle, CEO of Be Courageous and Musician, needed brand photos for his speaking engagement and album. To capture all the incredible work he does, we headed to a studio for personality shots and lifestyle photos!

Using props, like furniture, office supplies, or your instruments is a great way to set a relaxed tone and let your personality shine! They can help to lighten the mood, give you something to hold, an action to do, or just show off your favorite things!

Adult leans onto a chair for Amy Thompson Photography Person crosses his arms while sitting on a chair for San Francisco Brand Photographer Adult holds up mug as an example of Men’s Brand Photoshoot Ideas Person holds a guitar for Amy Thompson Photography Adult holds guitar and shares a chic smile for San Francisco Brand Photographer Adult grabs guitar while sitting on a chair as an example of Men’s Brand Photoshoot Ideas

Ready To Incorporate These Men’s Brand Photoshoot Ideas?!

By combining lifestyle images with behind-the-scenes shots or posed images, you can have brand photos that fully encompass all that you are! Whether you are using them to uplevel your website, grow your online presence, or for public engagements, you deserve brand photos you LOVE!

Amy Thompson