As an Interior Designer, one way to stand out in this competitive industry is to do a brand shoot. This is essential to attract more clients and continue growing your business. A way to get this perfect would be to hire a photographer who is an expert in branding photoshoots. Working with a professional who has an eye for detail and can capture your unique style through photos will really elevate your brand. Displaying stunning photos that showcase your personality and expertise will help captivate potential clients.

Showing off your skills with a visual presentation will help your business look cohesive. This helps you become an authority in your industry.

Finding Your Voice | Interior Designer

As an Interior Designer, we have to make sure your brand’s personality shines through during your photoshoot. We can accomplish this by making sure we incorporate your brand voice into the shoot. Whether you want your photos to have a refined, sophisticated, fun or approachable feel, choosing the right brand voice will add a touch of personality and help you stand out from your competitors.

Take Maria Baker, for example, an Interior Designer based in San Francisco. She wanted her photos to be light, bright, and minimal. They turned out to be absolutely amazing!

Tips For Your Interior Designer Photoshoot

If you’re thinking about scheduling a brand photoshoot, here are a few tips to keep in mind. Equally important is choosing a location that matches your brand and style. If you’re not sure about locations, I created a blog that can help guide you in finding the best locations for your brand. In addition, one of the main choices I highly recommend for Interior Designers is using one of their clients homes as a location. Again, this gives you authenticity in your branding shoot, and it’s a great way to showcase your art.

Furthermore, selecting words that are a part of your brand will help guide your shoot and allow us to stay focused on your core values. Using props like swatches, plants, and sketching tools allows us to add interest and personality to your photos. Finally, one major point to keep in mind is how the space looks; making sure it is clutter-free is really important.

How to Utilize Your Branding Photos

Using your brand photos on your website and social media is a great way to elevate the look of your storefront. Once you have all the images, begin to think of all the places where you can use them. A few examples would be: Profile photos, your homepage, and your about me page. Also, thinking outside the box for a few would be writing blog posts for your website. Creating social media posts will also help your engagement online!


Check out this branding shoot below, highlighting Interior Designer, Maria Baker.


interior designer sitting at table during her brand photoshoot interior designer holding coffee mug at computer women reaching for book captured by San Francisco Brand Photographer Women sitting at desk working during her shoot with Amy Thompson Photography women sitting in living room holding mug during her Shoot with a San Francisco Brand Photographer Interior Designer holding tile samples to show her work women standing at desk shuffling paper work captured by Amy Thompson Photography Interior Designer sitting on floor and smiling during her shoot women in a black dress smiles while leaning on book case captured by San Francisco Brand Photographer details of a branding shoot for interior design by Amy Thompson Photography women sitting at desk working while Amy Thompson Photography takes photos interior designer working on plans during her photoshoot Women sitting in her bedroom by computer captured by San Francisco Brand Photographer

Amy Thompson