This interior designer brand photoshoot with Brenda was all things refreshing, bright, and fun. Brenda is just starting her career as an interior designer but has quickly started booking some dream jobs. She quickly realized that she needed photos for her business, and, coming from a marketing background, she understands the importance of brand images and overall brand awareness. So, together, we created the interior designer brand photoshoot of her dreams! Here is how I helped bring her vision to life!

Brenda – Interior Designer

Brenda was working on designing her website, and wanted brand photos to elevate her online presence! A cohesive brand with an established website sets you up for success from the start. You are immediately seen as a professional in the field, and your clients will get a feel for the quality of your work. Brenda was looking for images to fill her about page, process page, projects, and contact page, as well as images that could be used for social media, directories, launches, or direct marketing. So we hit the ground running!

Woman smiles big for San Francisco Brand Photographer Female sits on the floor with brand props for San Francisco Brand Photographer

We ended up doing a mini-shoot to quickly capture her vision! It was perfect! Using her laptop, a mug, some drawings, swatches, and samples, she was supplied with a diverse selection of images that can easily be used throughout her website or marketing. We kept her images relaxed, not corporate vibes, and we were sure to capture her in her element!

Swatches sand samples are used for an Interior Designer Brand Photoshoot Woman sits on a chair using her laptop during her Interior Designer Brand Photoshoot Woman sits on a desk with a smile during her Interior Designer Brand Photoshoot

As a San Francisco brand photographer, I think it’s important for everyone to realize that you don’t have to wait until you get to a certain point in your career before you do your brand photos. If you want to market your business, then go for it! Even if you are just starting! As long as you’re clear as to what you do and who you serve, then you are good to go!

Female stands outside for Amy Thompson Photography Female shares a big smile while standing outside for Amy Thompson Photography

Ready For Your Interior Designer Brand Photoshoot?!

So, what are you waiting for?! Whether you are in your first year of owning a business, or ten years in, book your brand photoshoot today! You’ll have a collection of authentic images that tell your story and reflect all that your business stands for!

Amy Thompson