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What do I wear for my brand photoshoot? This is one of the first things I hear from clients when planning their brand photography photoshoot. I know it can be overwhelming when planning your brand photoshoot, especially regarding your wardrobe.  I get it, You want to look and feel your best and don’t know what […]

Woman entrepreneur outside on sidewalk photographed for her brand photoshoot

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Branding photography can seem less concrete than other types of photography, especially when it comes to personal brand photography. It’s about your business but it’s also about you. Plus there are so many types of brand photos—from the flat lay of a latte to lifestyle photos of a social media manager doing yoga—that can all […]

Types of personal brand photography

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So you want to use brand photography to step up your online marketing but aren’t sure where to go. You’ll find plenty of headshot photographers but is this the same as brand photography? What about event photographers? Product photographers? The short answer is no. But headshots, for example, can be one part of brand photography. […]

Can any photographer do brand photography

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You probably intuitively know that great photos will make your business more attractive. But how do you get the most out of your branding shoot? And how can you then build trust with brand photography? Faces Get Likes First, let’s start with the numbers. People are more likely to engage with a photo of a […]

Build Trust with Brand Photography

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